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Join Our Hands-Free Cloud Hosting Network

Unlike other hosting companies, who offer Fully Managed Cloud Hosting but still leave all of the infrastructure setup and management to you, our TRUE Fully Managed Cloud Hosting offers you a hands-free cloud hosting experience.

Our Network Engineers manage ALL of the infrastructure setup, maintenance, security, and data retention (site backups) so you don’t have to be a tech-genius to figure out how to use our Cloud Hosting.

What’s more is our TRUE Fully Managed Cloud Hosting is offered at an extremely affordable cost to you, so you’re not breaking the bank to run your website with all of the benefits that Cloud Hosting has to offer.

What Do You Get?


We’re not just resellers! We have built our cloud hosting network from the ground up, utilizing solid infrastructure like Amazon Web Services (AWS), and our in-house Network Engineers manage our entire Cloud Hosting Network, including security, infrastructure, software updates, and more.

24/7/365 SUPPORT

We monitor our cloud network 24/7/365 and proactively maintain our network to keep your website running securely, at lightning speeds, and at 99.99% uptime. Rest assured knowing that your marketing strategies will not fail due to your website being down or unavailable.


Keeping your website secure from spam, hackers and DDoS attacks is one of our main priorities. Your website is secured with spam and virus protection software, additional levels of login security, DDoS prevention and blocking software, and by providing regular software updates.


With our backup and data retention practices, you’ll never lose your website again! We provide daily backups of your website and we keep 7 days worth of backup reserves to ensure your information is NEVER lost!


Keeping your WordPress software and Plugins updated will keep your site secure and functioning properly. We perform regular maintenance on your site to ensure that you are running all the latest stable versions of software and plugins, making the maintenance of your WordPress website TRUELY hands-free.


Being more reliable than shared hosting, faster and easier than competitive dedicated hosting, and more responsive and accountable than reseller hosting has earned our cloud web hosting 5 star ratings from our happy customers.

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Compare Fully Managed Cloud Hosting Offerings

First, we are not cheap hosting. If you’re comparing hosting strictly on cost, you’re in the wrong place. What we offer is reliable, secure, and truly fully managed cloud hosting.

What’s the difference between cheap hosting and cloud hosting? We’ll explain later…

But first, lets compare apples to apples when it comes to Fully Managed Cloud Hosting offerings.

With Our Fully Managed Cloud Hosting you get all the benefits of cloud hosting, including more speed, reliability, and more security, but we also manage all of the technical aspects of your hosting as well. So you never have to lay a finger on your website hosting…..we take care of it ALL!

Reliable, Secure, and Truly Hands-Free Cloud Hosting

Enjoy all the benefits of cloud hosting, at an affordable price, without being a tech-genius!

The Difference in Hosting

An easy way for us to explain hosting is by comparing it to housing. You can rent an apartment, live in a condo, or own your own home.

Shared Hosting (Apartment)

This is typically the cheap hosting offerings you’ll find everywhere. When you live in an apartment you share a building with 10’s or 100’s of people. You all share the same amenities. You rent a room, and have very limited space. This is very similar to shared hosting (i.e. cheap hosting). If one person is using more amenities (server resources) that affects your the amenities (server resources) available for you to use.

VPS Hosting (Town Home)

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server) is a step up from cheap/shared hosting. Like in a rowhome or townhome, you’re still connected to everyone else. You have more space and privacy than an apartment, but you’re still restricted in what you can do here. Plus, now you are responsible of taking care of your own grounds, including your home maintenance.

Cloud Hosting (Own A Home)

Cloud hosting is the highest level you can go without owning/maintaining private servers. When you own a home, you have more space to do as you please. You can put in a pool, paint rooms, and move around freely without being connected to your neighbors. With Cloud Hosting you can enjoy more speed and reliability, more security, and have more room to grow than with any other hosting option.

Our Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

We take owning your own home a step further; now we come and cut the grass, water the lawn, paint the kitchen, repair leaky faucets and plumbing, install and monitor security systems, and perform other routine maintenance that Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, or Dedicated Server hosting just doesn’t provide.