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Being armed with the proper tools and insights can make a HUGE difference for your business success! Let us guide you to the path of more customers, higher conversion rates, and maximized ROI!

The Path to Success

What does it take to be successful in marketing? The right tools! Our Marketing Maven Package is jam-packed with all the marketing essentials needed for your business. Not only do you get a dedicated Website Manager to complete your website updates each month, we also provide custom reporting, insights and consulting – all of which are focused on driving more leads to your sales team and increasing your ROI!

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[iconlist][iconitem title=”Website Updates (2 hrs/month)” icon=”icon-magic”]We know you’re busy! Email us your website changes and we’ll make them for you! Whether it’s building new pages, editing current pages, or any other request, we have you covered![/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”Detailed Website Traffic Reports” icon=”icon-user”]We’ll track and show you how many people are visiting your website, where they are coming from, how long they are staying, and what pages they are spending the most time on! Yes – you can track what people are doing on your website and we’re going to help you maximize your website visits![/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”SEO Monitoring” icon=”icon-signal”]We’ll help you select 15 keywords that you want to rank for in Google (and Bing), then we’ll show you if you rank for these keywords, and keep track of any gains in your search engine position.[/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”Social Media Monitoring” icon=”icon-facebook”]Does your company use Facebook & Twitter? If so we can show you monthly stats on how your pages are performing, including new likes, comments, and more![/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”Optimization Recommendations” icon=”icon-dashboard”]Each month we’ll analyze all of your reports and compile a list of actionable recommendations to help you improve in areas that will allow you to capture more leads, and close more sales![/iconitem][/iconlist]


[span6]mobile sites[/span6][/row]


[row][span12]This package is available as a 6 month or 1 year commitment at $500/month. Unused services do not roll over from month to month but our recommendations will help you utilize this package to its fullest extend each month![/span12][/row]


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[lead centered=”yes”]Are you ready to reach your TRUE business potential? Let us help you get there, gain more leads, and close more deals![/lead]

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