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For years we’ve worked with owners of flooring companies to find the perfect marketing strategies that effectively grow flooring sales.

We’ve worked with single-location companies and company owners with multiple locations. We’ve even helped single-company owners grow to multiple locations!

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Delivering Results

The Right Marketing Plan

With the proper marketing plan we can help you crush your competition and gain more customers for your flooring business. Our proven strategies will help you:

Increase traffic to your showroom(s)

Sell more flooring products to your clients

Book more new client consultations

Sell more services, like installations & carpet cleaning

Gain More Positive Customer Reviews

Our Proven Strategies

Successful Actions

We put your customized marketing plan to action, managing all aspects of your online marketing campaign.

Responsive Websites

We create responsive websites for flooring company that are optimized for all devices. So whether potential clients are visiting your website on their computer, tablet, or smartphone, your site will be optimized for conversion!

Optimize Search Rankings (SEO)

We ensure your website and content are optimized to gain top rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. That way, it’s easy for new customers to find you online.

Social Media

We use social media to build a viral community around your flooring company, generating likes, comments, and shares with unique content to your business. We also leverage social media advertising to reach new customers.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

We can leverage online search and content networks to advertise to a large audience of potential customers and manage your PPC campaigns to minimize cost and maximize conversions!

Website/Blog Management

We’ll manage your website and create new content to help you gain higher search rankings. We’ll also take care of your website updates, including updating pages, creating new pages, adding media and managing your website software.

Expected Results

We have a track record of PROVEN results within the Flooring Industry. These are the actual results of some of our Flooring customers.

Since we’ve started working with flooring companies in 2009, we’ve helped many of them drastically increase their client base and increase their revenues to the point of needing to expand their business, adding more locations.

Here are some ACTUAL results that our clients are experiencing:


1st Page in Google Rankings


New Facebook Fans


Monthly Website Visitors


Consultation Requests Online Per Month

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