Below you will find numerous resources to help you navigate and make updates to your new WordPress website.

Adding a New Page to My Website

This video will show you how to go about adding a new page to your WordPress website using a visual editor.

Editing My Website Menu

If you are having trouble changing your current main menu, drop down menus or footer menu then this video will walk you through how to make updates to all of the different menus found on your website.

Updating My Home Page Image Slider

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Adding or Removing a User to My Website

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Selecting the Right User Access Level

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Login Help & Dashboard Overview

This short view will cover how to login to your website, show you how to reset your password if you’ve lost yours and takes you on a tour of your websites’ Dashboard.

Creating New Forms & Updating Existing Form Settings

If you are looking to edit an existing form or would like up helping the setting in a new form you are building this video will provide you with a step by step guide on how to easily do so. Please remember to try a few test form to ensure that they are going through and that the correct people in your company are receiving them.