Every business owner knows that marketing is an integral practice for success. Marketing is how you build a customer base, get the word out about your business, and keep customers coming back. When considering your business marketing needs, you’ll need to decide whether your marketing efforts will be an in-house project or if your business will use the support of a digital marketing agency.


Deciding between DIY marketing and a professional agency can be a tricky decision. You’ll need to balance your business needs against time and money. We’ve broken down the benefits of a using a professional marketing agency below.


Agencies have a wealth of experience

The biggest benefit of using a digital marketing agency is the experience an agency brings to the table. An agency has the know-how to build a strong marketing plan for your business — and to carry out that plan.

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Marketing experts have earned that title with years of experience and practice building success for businesses just like yours. While you’re busy establishing yourself as an expert in your business, the experts at marketing can use their considerable skills to get the word out about your business with strong, proven marketing practices.


An agency will grow with your business

Using marketing experts to grow your business is an investment. Oftentimes, utilizing a professional agency is slightly more costly than managing your own marketing in the beginning. But marketing agencies are a powerful investment in your business. As your clientele and success grow, you’ll need the marketing power to continue that growth, which can be harder to manage on your own as your business gains traction. A marketing agency has experience helping businesses big and small and can help your marketing plan transition through every phase of growth.


Online marketing tools can’t adapt to your business needs

There are a number of online tools that make aspects of DIY marketing easier. While these tools can be useful, they offer very little adaptation to your business needs. You’re stuck using their platform in the way they designed it — which may not always be exactly how you want to use it. Similarly, online platforms want you to use every one of their features — especially premium features that require more money out of your pocket — regardless of how relevant those features are to your business marketing needs.


Marketing experts work as a team to customize your marketing practices to your needs. And the wealth of experience a marketing agency brings with them can ensure you’re marketing in ways that will bring your business the most success. Which means you aren’t wasting your time learning how to use a laundry list of online tools with expensive features you might not need.


Using a marketing experts lets you focus on what’s important — your business success

Your time is valuable. Using a digital marketing agency lets you focus on running your business. Let the marketing experts worry about market and keyword research, analytics and testing, and ever-changing technology. Together, your business can grow to new heights.


If you’re ready to add powerful marketing to your business practices, get in touch with us at Borelli Designs. From branding and website design to social media management, we have your marketing needs covered. As an experienced digital marketing and advertising agency, we’re ready to help your business succeed.