Owning a business is similar to owning a sports team; there are minor league teams and there are teams playing in the big leagues. Businesses that are locally known are muddling about in the minor leagues, but businesses that know how to brand their company and products are household names and have learned how to play in the big leagues. Just as in sports, all of the big money is made in the big leagues. Here are a few things that you may need to know about branding if you want your business to get ”called up”.

major league baseballFocus on Strategy

No company has ever gotten their product or services onto the national scene without a clear cut strategy. Those companies stick to that strategy over a long period of time. If you look at the largest retailers and service providers, every bit of their marketing budget is focused on two things: brand recognition and brand loyalty. They may use varying tactics like sales or giveaways, but the end goal is still the same: buy our brand.

Public Relations vs. Self Promotion

Often, the best marketing tool is not an overt advertisement. You may receive a better return on your investment by becoming involved in the community. Donating during a disaster or sponsoring a project are advertising efforts, but the key is to make the self promotion a secondary consideration. Look at the disaster relief efforts made by Dawn dish soap. Dawn is only mentioned once or twice during a television spot, but you see their product being used to clean oil from animals. These are great public relation spots, but they embed the Dawn brand in the minds of many. Most of the viewers reached do not even realize that they have watched a commercial, instead they believe they just saw an act of kindness. I wonder how many people buy Dawn based on a vague memory of those spots?

Be Authentic

Making wild claims about your product may get a large number of new customers in the door, but we all know that the only way to succeed over the long run is to have a large amount of return business. If you can not deliver on your marketing claims, then you have done more damage to your company’s brand than you may be able to repair.
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