For businesses looking for an online presence, there are more options than ever before. Connecting with consumers no longer happens only in-person but instead through social media, email marketing, websites, and apps. As the technological world is growing and users become more mobile, your business should be adapting to stay successful.


For businesses deciding between an app or website, it’s useful to know how the two models work. A website functions solely through a web browser while an app works only through specific mobile phone platforms. While apps have become very popular with the rise of smartphones, websites are the most well-known and popular way of creating a business presence online. A website can be accessed from any browser while an app can be accessed after being downloaded from an app store. Apps allow users to have more access to businesses’ products and services while on the go, while websites offer more opportunity for extensive information or product information and larger accessibility.


Mobile apps have risen in popularity with businesses as a new and innovative way to connect with customers. Mobile users are downloading and using apps for every need. Lyft and Uber have replaced taxis. Grocery stores have apps offering coupons and online shopping. Smart businesses are using the power of mobile phones to interact with customers on the go.


Deciding between a website and app for your business can be challenging. You may want to join the influx of businesses utilizing apps, but keep your business model in mind — a small boutique store likely doesn’t need an app but would greatly benefit from a beautifully designed website to connect with customers. Websites are a tried and true way of connecting with customers online, and with a responsive design, your website will adapt to mobile users. On the other hand, a local pizza shop venturing into delivery services might benefit from having an app where customers can order and pay from their phone.

What does your business need?

When deciding whether your business will benefit more from a website or app, there are a few key questions to consider. Keep your budget in mind as app development generally costs more than creating a website. For most businesses, the choice between an app and website can be easily determined with some consideration. For other businesses, the decision may be harder and creating both options might be a viable solution.


Your primary consideration is this: How are your customers most likely to interact with your business?


First, look at what product or service you offer. Are you selling physical items like clothing, jewelry, or other goods? Do you have a physical store or do your transactions happen solely online? A website often works better for businesses that have inventory available to customers online. Scrolling through products is much easier for users on a website than an app.


Does your business offer a service? Is that service performed in a physical location or through the web? If your business offers a service that requires users to sign up — like a yoga studio scheduling classes or a massage therapist or psychologist scheduling clients — an app can help your users sign up on the go. If your business does home delivery or home improvement, an app is useful for allowing customers to pay for goods or services from their phone and can be used to track delivery or service time.


Next, look at your customer demographic. Younger demographics are more likely to be using apps, so if your customers tend to be older an app might be less successful than a website. If your customers are primarily other businesses, a website will help your clients reach you more effectively, as personal mobile device usage is often discouraged in professional settings. Knowing your customers allows you to cater your online presence to fit their needs — a sure way to gain profits and exposure.


Whatever decision your business makes, or if you need help deciding which platform will work best for your business model, a web design agency like Borelli Designs is there to support you and your business. We’ll work with you to optimize your business success.