Facebook has added a great to new feature to Facebook Business Pages! Business Page Admins can now login to their business pages and setup a Call-To-Action Button (also referred to a CTA Button) which will lead Facebook fans back to a specific location on your website where they can complete a specific action. Below are instructions for setting up your new CTA Button.

  1. Locate the Call-To-Action Button on your Facebook Cover Image. findcta
  2. Click the Create Call-To-Action Button and then choose a button for the action that you’d like your Facebook Fans to take.CTAbutton
  3. After selecting a button you will want to then insert a web address where you would like to lead Facebook fans so that they can complete the action.createCTA
  4. Once complete you will click the Next Button at the lower right-hand corner of the screen which will direct you through 2 more screens where you can opt to send mobile device users to your website or to an app.appdestination
  5. After you’ve completed the steps your CTA Button will show on your cover image and you will be able to track the number of Facebook fans that click on your CA Button.CTAcomplete

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