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    by Shawn Borelli

    Is your site ready??

    responsiveGoogle will begin to favor mobile-responsive websites

    It’s no surprise that yet again Google will be making changes to their search algorithm. Only this time, they are focusing on responsive web design, meaning they will start favoring websites that respond to mobile devices.

    When will this happen?

    April 21st! Google announced these changes in late February, which for anyone in the web design world we knew it was destined to happen sooner rather than later.

    With Google reporting over 60% of their searches coming from mobile devices, it only makes sense that their algorithm would begin to favor mobile-responsive websites.

    How to check your site

    Visit Google’s webmaster tool at the following address to test your website:

    Need help getting your site ready?

    We’re ready to help! If you need to make your existing site mobile-friendly, or if you’re ready for a complete redesign of your website, including mobile-responsiveness, simply contact us and we can discuss the best options for you.



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