Just as the business world embraced the first personal computers, then laptops, it came to embrace on-site servers and self-hosting options. Now it is time to embrace the need to switch to cloud hosting solutions. Cloud hosting technology allows businesses of any size to share and save files and applications without installing them on their computers or saving to an external hard drive. This technology is important on many fronts from cost saving to ease of use.

cloud_screens_medium Cost Savings

At first glance it may not seem as if cloud hosting can save your business much money. In application, the opposite is true. Add up the cost of hardware infrastructure, software, licensing fees, and the cost of personnel to maintain your infrastructure, now throw out that number. Cloud hosting eliminates the need for any of those expenses.

World-wide Availability and Security

All a user needs to access any company file is an internet connection. That gives your sales and support personnel constant access to any piece of data that may be needed. This constant availability may make you consider security issues, but there is no need. The top cloud hosts offer multiple levels of security and perform security updates on a daily basis. Additionally, hosting companies back-up your files in real time or on a consistent schedule. This insures minimal data loss in the event of an infrastructure failure.


Cloud computing allows data to be stored across multiple data centers. This offers your company the ability to only pay for services that will be used. The system is also flexible enough to allow you to scale upwards during peak usage and downwards during off-peak times. This scalability is particularly handy during marketing campaigns. Why make additional investments to cover a temporary need?
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