With more and more companies advertising that you can design your own website with their easy to use tools, it is easy to believe that following a couple of steps and inserting a few plug-ins will solve all of your website design quandaries. While that may provide a website for your company, it does nothing to help you be found by potential clients. Designing an effective website is much more than a few images and a couple of lines about your business. Here are the top website design mistakes that are made when people choose to skip professional website design services.

Not User Friendly

Making a website user friendly is difficult. The main obstacle that must be overcome is the short attention span of the average visitor. You have an average of eight seconds to capture their attention. Many people strive to capture their readers with unusual fonts or vivid colors. Neither is effective. Your most effective tool is well written content that is delivered in a scannable, or easy to read, way. That means effective bullet points and subheadings.

Lack of Optimization

Nearly everyone has heard of search engine optimization(SEO), but few understand every aspect of it. The ins and outs of on-page, organic, and white-hat SEO techniques are every changing. It is nearly impossible to keep on top of current trends unless website design and SEO are your profession.


Not Cross-Browser Compatible

In general, the average person does not know what it means to have a website that is cross-browser compatible until they see a little window telling them that the website can not be displayed in Explorer, Firefox, or some other browser they are using. That window may not always appear. Instead, the content and images may display in some oddball way that makes your website appear unreliable to a new visitor.

Over Stimulating

This covers a lot of ground. A professional website will not be full of flash, pop-ups, in-line links that are not well defined, Javascript, animation, and a long litany of issues that users have been known to complain about.
The only way to avoid making many of the common website design mistakes is to consult a professional website design company. In the Reading, PA  and Allentown PA area that company is Borelli Designs. The talented team at Borelli Designs will help you conquer the search engine rankings locally and anywhere in the world that you do business.