When a business is looking to make a bigger footprint in the digital world, the first place to start is with a website. A website is the digital face of your business. It can draw consumers in, offer information about your services or products, generate leads, and increase profits. As the world gets more technologically advanced, having an online presence is a necessity for any business looking to succeed.


With the rise of technological ability, it’s easier than ever to create a website. Online website builders like GoDaddy or SquareSpace make creating a website accessible. They handle the complicated coding so you don’t have to. For businesses looking to create or revamp their digital footprint, a website builder may seem like the way to go.


Unfortunately, while website builders make it easy to create an aesthetically pleasing site, businesses looking for online success are missing out on key factors and features with a website builder that are likely to damper a business’ website efficacy.


A web design agency provides a business with an entire team of experienced professionals focused on your business’ goals and successes. This extends beyond creating a visually appealing website by delving deeper into website metrics and analytics, search-engine-optimization, branding, site responsiveness, and online marketing techniques.


Website Creation

When creating a website, an important consideration throughout every step is branding. Even web-savvy business owners can struggle with this integral aspect of web design. Effective branding showcases your business and infuses your website with specifically curated details to create a cohesive design. When working with a website builder, it can be hard to know how to maximize your brand representation or figure out exactly what your brand looks like. An agency is designed to help in that process with professionals experienced in creating and implementing a brand.


Your website also needs to be easily found by search engines. Consumers today are constantly on the go. With mobile phones and data plans, it’s easier than ever to find the next place to eat, store to visit, or product to buy with a quick web search. The order of listings that appear in a web search are organized by complex search engine algorithms. Optimizing your website according to those algorithms is a vital component of creating an effective and successful website. For most business owners, even the tech-savvy kind, knowing how to optimize your website according to search engine analytics can be difficult or confusing. With an agency, creating a website with search-engine-optimization (SEO) is a breeze. That’s because, as professionals with years of experience, we know how to evaluate your industry and website for keywords that will work with search engine algorithms to recognize and promote your site.


In a mobile world, your website needs to be responsive, too. Website responsiveness allows your site to be viewed on any device. While website builders use templates that allow for web responsiveness, a comprehensively responsive site does more than just shrink the full-scale design to fit a smaller screen. It prioritizes information and ensures all site material is easily accessible no matter the device.


Online Marketing

Once your website is up and running, it’s time to consider how to use your site to even further extend your digital footprint with online marketing. While a website builder can help you create a site, they offer little to no support in terms of using your website effectively afterward. An online presence can extend farther than you think and generate more sales than simply having a responsive, SEO website. An agency like Borelli Designs is tailored to help you. Not only can we offer tips and tricks on how to increase your digital knowledge, we have the years of experience to take that knowledge one step further and implement effective, curated online marketing specifically for your business needs and goals.

web agency

While having a beautiful, responsive, and search-optimized website is the biggest step towards online success, it’s important to keep an eye on that success as it grows. Web analytics offer valuable insights into your online success. It can determine who is visiting your site, where they’re visiting from, what they’re clicking on, and how long they stay. These metrics guide further marketing practices and give insights into which aspects of your site are most popular. An agency can use the knowledge gained from web analytics to mold your digital marketing and advertising to be as effective as possible. One way we use web analytics to your benefit is with pay-per-click advertising.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a tool you can use to further reach your customers and promote your business, products, or services, even after the viewer leaves your site. An agency can pinpoint the customer markets and products most likely to show success through pay-per-click advertising and implement advertising that will continue to promote your business beyond your website.


A digital agency gives businesses the tools and knowledge to succeed online. A website builder, while easy to use, can’t offer the same opportunities for growth or the focused attention Borelli Designs can provide. We are a company of seasoned professionals who want to help you and your company thrive. We dream bigger than simply a beautiful website and want to help you do the same.