Business owners know the importance of curating and keeping a customer’s trust. You want them to trust your products or services to make a purchase, and extend that trust into the future so they come back again. With a brick and mortar business, building that trust comes with great customer service skills. Online, that same charm and enthusiasm for your business won’t cut it.


In the digital world, a customer’s trust often relies on a well designed, professional website that offers plenty of information about your business, products, and services. The online face of your business needs to be just as welcoming and engaging as the friendly greeting you offer customers walking into your store. And an important part of creating that online representation comes from a secure website with SSL encryption.


Secure socket layers (SSL) work by encrypting information that travels to and from your site. This includes your customers’ credit card or payment information entered when purchasing products, personal information added to contact forms, and emails or passwords that are used for newsletters or memberships.


Adding SSL to your website has further benefits beyond keeping your site secure, as well. Search engines, most notably Google, prioritize websites with added SSL in web search listings. Which means that SSL can give your site a little boost. And not having SSL may keep you from rising to the top. In addition, web users with Google Chrome will be notified when a site doesn’t include an installed SSL certificate when the site features any requests for sensitive information (credit card form, passwords, etc.).


Adding SSL to your website gives your customers the added security of knowing that your whole site is secure, not just your payment page. They can shop or browse your services with ease, knowing their information is safe in your hands. It’s great customer service for the digital age.


Let Borelli Designs help you secure your website with SSL. Give your customers peace of mind while we do the installation work for you!