And today we celebrate the long awaited release of WordPress 3.6, named “Oscar” after jazz artist Oscar Peterson. WordPress 3.6 is arguably the most long awaited release in WordPress history.

wordpress 3.6Originally scheduled to release in May of 2013, developers continued to push back the launch date of version 3.6, stating that “there is, very simply, still work to do”.

What they meant is that all of the revisions, upgrades, and changes to version 3.6 took much longer than the core development team originally planned. One of the most anticipated upgrades, the admin interface overhaul, was left out in this version release as all of the bugs could not be worked out.

There are still a long list of upgrades that WordPress 3.6 brings, including:

  1. The new Twenty Thirteen theme
  2. More secure and robust post revisions
  3. Post locking with takeover functionality
  4. Built in HTML5 audio and video players
  5. Improved menu editor

Also included in WordPress 3.6 is a long list of core modifications which we strongly recommend WordPress developers review before upgrading their sites. We are carefully planning our routine upgrades for customer sites after more thorough testing of WordPress 3.6.

Visit the official WordPress 3.6 release announcement for more information.