It may seem trivial but studies have shown that websites with contact forms are more effective in generating sales leads than those that do not have them. It seems that most people would rather fill out a quick form than have to copy an email address, open up a new tab, sign into their email account and compose an email. We could blame this on sheer human laziness and laugh it off but the fact is it is costing you sales leads.


For websites that do have forms another problem can also arise. The dreaded, auto-responder will make an appearance. Nobody likes receiving auto-response messages so why is it that in the year 2012 we are still sending them? Most people never get the auto-response as it usually goes straight to spam and if they do get it they delete it.

In the meantime while they are waiting for you to follow up that auto-response message with a call (typically anywhere form 2-7 business days) they have probably checked out at least a dozen other businesses and may have even already made their purchase.

With all of the information constantly barraging our brains it is hard to stay interested in just one thing so in order to make that sale you have to strike while the iron is hot. This can be difficult to do if you are fulfilling multiple roles at your business.

What is Form Caller exactly and why do you need it?

Form Caller was designed specifically with small businesses in mind. The typical scenario is that one or two people are running the show and simply do not have time to respond to web queries as quickly as they would like to.

Form Caller relieves that stress by adding a piece of code to your web form so that every single form submission is responded to in as little as 2 hours with a phone call. You only have to let us know what information you would like to collect, and we do the rest.

In this age when business can be so impersonal customer really appreciate human voice responding to their queries. It makes your business stand apart from the crowd and most importantly ensures that every single lead is followed up.

Form Caller Video