As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, internet marketing has become (or should be) an integral piece of almost every company’s marketing strategy. With that said we are going to go through a few tips that will help take your online campaigns to the next level.

1. Focus on the Design

Design matters! It is the first impression of your company that a potential buyer gets when looking at your website, Facebook Page, and Online Advertising. Make sure all your online properties are similar in look and messaging. When building your brand the best thing you can do is keep it simple. Your company may not be selling design services but you still need to put a good amount of focus into the design that surrounds your brand because even though your products and services might be great – it’s the design that really helps ell them!

2. Mobile is Where It’s Atmobile-application-development-in-Reading-PA

You’d be blind not to notice that cell phones, particularly smartphones, are everywhere! With over 5 billion mobile users around the world, and 1.1 billion of those users being smartphone subscribers you would be doing your business a injustice to not have your website and advertising going mobile. Everyday people are using their smartphones and tablets to search the web, interact with brands, make purchases, and best of all – share their opinions with their friends! Word of mouth advertising is a great way to get new business. So, if you still aren’t sure if your business should be connecting with potential customers via a mobile device then, you’re nuts!

3. Who Doesn’t Love a Good Video?

As it turns out everyone loves videos! In one day over 4 billion videos are viewed online and around 68% of video fans share video links with their friends. Talk about word of mouth referrals, wow! What is also amazing is that studies on the brain have showed that after 72 hours a typical person can still remember 95% of the video they have watched compared to only retaining about 10% of the text that they have read. If you can create videos to help advertise your company it is certainly worth a shot!

4. Marketing All Works Together

While online marketing has proven to be extremely successful it is also important to remember that a good mix of online marketing and traditional marketing is where you will really find the winning combination for your business. While younger generations have grown up with the internet it has taken a bit longer and has been a bit more challenging for some older generations to fully embrace the power of the internet. With that said, some of those late bloomers probably fall into the target audience of lots of companies out there. Finding a good mix of traditional, online, and PR marketing all with quality content and information is essential to creating a marketing triad that will be hard to beat!

Oreo15. Multi-Tasking Mania!

In today’s world it is extremely common to be watching TV WHILE using your mobile device online. People are constantly multi-tasking and getting their information from multiple sources all at once. This being said it is extremely important that your company is also using and engaging customers on multiple devices from every angle. Oreo did a great job with this during the Super Bowl this year. Yes, people were watching the Super Bowl on TV but they were also online using social sites at the same time. Oreo seized the moment when they lights went off and a quick attention grabbing social response that immediately grabbed a lot of attention.


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