Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the driving force behind a website or blog’s ranking in web searches. When creating or managing a website, it’s hard not to hear about SEO rankings and keywords. While creating a website with a strong SEO foundation is very important, it’s equally vital to maintaining good SEO practices. The Internet is intensely competitive and ongoing SEO is vital for success.


Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and if your business isn’t adapting to big changes, your site will lose valuable rankings in SEO. And search engines aren’t the only ones changing their practices — your website SEO needs to adapt to changes in the market and user vernacular, as well.


Adapting to Search Engine Algorithms

Implementing continuous SEO practices with your website involves staying up to date on all the major search engine algorithms. Borelli Designs can help you navigate the process and ensure your website is sustaining strong SEO practices. With years of experience working with best SEO practices, we can help keep your website ranking well.


Google and other major search engines (including Yahoo and Bing) regularly release updates to their algorithms. While they never disclose exactly what their algorithms are looking for, web-savvy agencies and individual bloggers are quick to jump on each new update to determine what SEO practices might have changed. Keep an eye out for big changes from major search engines to make relevant changes to your SEO practices.


Search engines also use your SEO practices to determine your ranking. Continuous activity and strong SEO practices help your website to rank highly. Keeping your website active — with regular blog posts, updates, new products, etc. — helps keep your business booming online. While you want to remain notable to search engines, make sure your content is of good quality. Search engines will decrease ratings for websites that upload subpar content or use SEO practices excessively in an effort to increase rankings.


Adapting to Market and User Changes

Adapting your SEO to market and user changes involves using web analytics and metrics. When you have a site with a strong SEO foundation, you can use the metrics you collect to analyze the effectiveness of SEO keywords, meta descriptions, and tags. Keep a close eye on your website metrics to track the popularity and response with keywords and website tags. If you notice a popular tag beginning to lose traction, it’s time to adapt.

Tablet screen with search engine analytics

The Internet is continually adapting. With new products, technology, and vernacular rising to popularity seemingly overnight (and oftentimes disappearing just as quickly), your business should keep these fluctuations in mind when using SEO keywords and website tags. You want to be using the most current information. The tags and SEO keywords you were using to describe a product or practice months ago have likely changed.


Ongoing SEO is key to maintaining a high ranking website. Creating a strategy for your SEO practices will help to make sure your website doesn’t fall behind. If you have questions or would like help in creating an effective strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Borelli Designs. Or utilize our free SEO Audit.