Facebook has become a brand that is synonymous with social media. Social media, in turn, has become a platform for interaction that is slowly replacing face-to-face communication for many segments of the buying public. Print materials, though still strong, are waning in this digitally intense era.
Whether you agree with this shift to digital interaction or not, a savvy business person must embrace it. That, in turn, means you should embrace Facebook advertising as a means of gaining new customers or clients in the Reading, PA area and nationwide. There are many reasons to make use of Facebook ads, but here are the top five to consider while planning your next media campaign.


Facebook has an average of 250 million unique visitors each month. The only website on the internet that is visited more often is the main search page of Google. Can you think of another location you could present your business to that many people on a monthly basis?

Targeted Market

Advertising to the masses can lead to a lot of wasted expense. The key to any effective advertising blitz is being able to hit your target market. Facebook allows you to target the specific age group, gender, personal interests, etc that are key to the success of your business.

More Flexible Than Google

In the online realm of advertising, Google is master, but Google ads are often limited in length and do not incorporate image based ads. By incorporating both, Facebook allows you to attract more customers with each ad.

Cost and ROI

Whether yours is an established business or a start-up, the cost of an ad campaign is always a consideration. Within the heading of cost consideration is an interest in the return-on-investment of the advertising campaign. Facebook advertising speaks to both. With careful planning, Facebook ads can be inexpensive per view. The lower costs coupled with the huge number of unique visitors per month, ensure that you will see a higher ROI for each campaign.

mobile sitesSmartphone Compatibility

Millions of Facebook users access their accounts via a smartphone. This allows you to reach more people, more often, throughout a single day.

Despite all of these points, you will be wasting your money on Facebook advertising if you do not know what you are doing. That is where the team at Borelli Designs can help you. They will help you design a professional Facebook advertisement targeting Reading, PA users that meet all of your demographic points.